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(Not-so) Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, I will answer any reasonable question. Either personally, on this site, or not at all. So I guess that means I may not answer any reasonable question, but I'll try. However, after looking around at other places, I see a lot of stupid questions. I don't like wasting mine, or other people's time by answering stupid questions. If you have a good question that is not addressed here, then send me an e-mail and I will either answer you, or add it to the FAQ if it's good enough. However, if you send me a stupid question I will post your question in a seperate section at the end of this page along with your e-mail address. Thus, if someone else thinks your question was really stupid, they can let you know how stupid it really was. Also, if the information is available somewhere else on the site already, I'll probably just ignore the question.

This is a work in progress and will be updated as I get more questions. Only a handful so far.

Q: What is the best race for a Shadow Knight?
A: There is no "best" race. My preference is Troll or Ogre. There is a worst race however, and that worst race is Erudite. Why? "Hmmmm... which race can be a Shadow Knight that has the most draw backs and the least advantages? A-ha! Erudite."

Q: What level do Shadow Knights get Harm Touch? And do they have to put a practice point into it?
A: Level 1. No, it is an automatic skill that gets better each level and does not require practice points.

Q: Should Shadow Knights be the main tank in a group? In a raid?
A: Good question. Because of taunt and their gamut of spells, Shadow Knights can draw aggro over time better than any other class in the game. This can prove useful, and in single groups and raids, a Shadow Knight is a good choice for the Main Tank. At higher levels (above 50 and especially above 55) Warriors defensive disciplines give them much better ability to avoid damage. At this point, a warrior should be Main Tank, and you should cast your aggro building spell on the warrior. However, in the absence of a warrior, you're stll a great MT when well equipped.

Q: What stats should I put my starting points into?
A: In the long run, it doesn't matter. What ever you put points into you can balance out by getting armor that affects other stats, and by the end game, you'll probably have your key stats maxxed out anyway. Verant tells us that a Shadow Knight's primary statistics are Strength, Stamina, Intelligence, and Charisma. I still haven't figured out why they think Charisma is important for us, but oh well. My recommendation, especially for Trolls and Ogres, is to put everything into INT and the last 5 or so into STR or STA. For the weaker races, you probably want to put most of your points into STR.

Q: How long do I have to wait between using Harm Touch.?
A: Many times I see the answer to this question as 90 minutes. But it's not. It's 72 minuets. I have no idea where people got the idea it was 90 minutes. If you want to confirm this. Use Harm Touch then type '/play'. Write down the current age of your character and then when Harm Touch becomes usable again, type 'play' again. Voila! One hour and 12 minutes later. Granted, this was over a year ago that I tested this timer, so it may have changed, but from experience, I don't think it has.

Q: When do I get Dual Wield?
A: Never.

Q: How much damage does Harm Touch do?
A: I'm not going to go into the formula here, look at the Harm Touch article for an in depth description of Harm Touch along with a damage chart.

Q: When do I get Critical Attacks?
A: At level 55 you can invest Alernate Advancement points into Combat Fury which gives you a chance to get a Critical Strike.

Q: Should I use my pet? He kind of sucks.
A: Your pet is basically an extra DoT that lasts a really long time. Only use him if you're soloing, in a group that is pulling to a camp and you are not the puller, or if he can't cause your group more harm than good. One thing to be careful about is pets are stupid. If your puller brings 3 things, and 2 of them are to be mezzed, your pet may just be stupid enough to attack the wrong thing and get your entire group killed. If pulls tend to look like that, DO NOT use a pet.

Q: Do humans have an experience bonus?
A: Yes, see my article on starting info, but humans are right down there with Erudites for worst race to play as a Shadow Knight, that's why they get the experience bonus.

Q: Why can't Iksar Shadow Knights wear most of the regular Shadow Knight armor?
A: Two reasons: Iksars have tails!!!
Also, Iksars get an extra Armor Class bonus for being Iksars, to offset this bonus, they don't need to be as well equipped to have higher Armor Class than non-Iksars. So it was decided that they wouldn't be able to wear most of the good armor, and have to get their own.