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Sleeper (aka Kerafyrm) Facts

(9/26/03): Started listing of guilds who woke the Sleeper.
(11/3/03): Added the in game text about Kerafyrm's war with the dragons.
(12/5/03): Added summary of the kill of the Sleeper.

I would just like to start by saying I never went to Sleeper's Tomb before the Sleeper was awoken on my server. This is all information that I have compiled from various sources. Much of it from the official moderated forums, press releases, and information from Sony, and much of it by consensus and "proof" on reliable fan sites.

I am tired of reading many different things about the Sleeper that are ENTIRELY inaccurate and are only loosely based in reality. So here is all the accurate information I know about the Sleeper along with rumors and their resolution if any.

First of all, the Sleeper has never been killed on any server (and now, of course, it has).

Second, it probably never will be killed. Apparently, I was wrong about this. Once spawned (and despawned), it was confirmed in a developer's panel at a Fan Faire, that he will not come back (I wish these transcripts were archived somewhere). To paraphrase: "This was designed to be a one time encounter that affected the entire world after it happened. The desired effect wasn't intended to be so negative and we hope to have encounters of this type in the future that will create a more positive effect upon completion." Now you're thinking, OK, so if it's been tried, it can never be killed, but what if it hasn't been tried yet? I don't know. If it's still asleep on your server (which as of this writing, I believe it is on Stromm), then there's a chance to kill it. But for most servers, it's too late.

Which guild (per server) has woken the sleeper?
  • Al'Kabor
  • Antonius Bayle
  • Ayonae Ro - Eternal Wrath (unconfirmed) - date unknown - Guild site(?)
  • Bertoxxulous
  • Brell Serillis - Silent Redemption - October 13, 2001 - Guild timeline
  • Bristlebane
  • Cazic-Thule
  • Drinal - Cats in Hats (reported) - date unknown - Guild boards
  • Druzzil Ro
  • E'ci
  • Erollisi Marr - Magister (reported) - November 3, 2001 - Guild site
  • Fennin Ro
  • Firiona Vie
  • Innoruuk
  • Kane Bayle - multiguild (Evolutia and In Virtue) - September 30, 2003 - EZ Board forum
  • Karana
  • Lanys T'Vyl
  • Luclin
  • Maelin Starpyre - members of Valoran (non-sanctioned) - October 21, 2003 - forum topic
  • Mithaniel Marr - Afterlife - September 14, 2001 - Archived News
  • Morell-Thule
  • Povar - Triton - November 3, 2001 - Archived News
  • Prexus
  • Quellious
  • Rallos Zek - multiguild (see below) - November 17, 2003 - (see below)
  • Rodcet Nife - Avatars of Discord / Arcane Legacy (reported) - Looking for more information
  • Saryrn - Order of the Phoenix (reported) - (Date Unknown) - Guild site
  • Solusek Ro
  • Stormhammer - Township Rebellion (?) - Appears to be April 20, 2002 - Archived News
  • Stromm
  • Sullon Zek
  • Tallon Zek
  • Tarew Marr
  • Terris-Thule
  • Test
  • The Nameless - Legacy of Steel - October 25, 2001 - Archived News
  • The Rathe - Blood of the Spider - July 28, 2001 - News Archive... many Screen shots
  • The Seventh Hammer - The Dark Exile - (Date unknown)
  • The Tribunal
  • Tholuxe Paells
  • Torvonnilous
  • Tunare - Talisman - November 1, 2001 - Archived News
  • Vallon Zek
  • Vazaelle - Caer Cadarn - June 19, 2002 (probably earlier) - Guild Site (Go to Archives -> "Dragons, and... dragons... and um... dragons, oh my!" (All dates are the same) :/
  • Veeshan - Fires of Heaven - (Date unknown) - Guild site
  • Xegony - Inner Circle (Reported) - (Date Unknown) - Guild Site
  • Xev - Hawkestone - June 6(?), 2003 - I can't find their site.
  • Zebuxoruk

The Sleeper == dead as a doornail

On November 15, 2003, 3 guilds of Rallos Zek server awakened the sleeper together. After an epic battle of pure zerging, he was beaten down to 27%, upon where GM's repopped the zone. While they first denied doing so, blaming the incident on a script timer bug, a recent post on eqlive.station.sony.com has the lead GM admitting to the repop as they had assumed that some bug was in effect for our three guilds to have done so well.

Here is that post in JPEG format to preserve it (as it will undoubtedly be removed eventually)

The next day, 4 warders and the sleeper were respawned by GMs and apologies were posted in addition to exp rewards consisting of some exp (the rez rushing strategy will be explained shortly) and 2 AA handed out to the players in attendance the previous day.

On November 17, 2003, those same 3 guilds returned to Sleeper's Tomb with GM consent and monitoring, and offically re-awoke, and killed the sleeper using the same tactic as the previous battle. The battle lasted a total of about 3 hours, involved well over 1000 rezes and had an attendance of nearly 200 people. The corpse lasted 30 seconds as it held no loot.

The strategy used (as I have been lead to believe) was to forgo the old "Main Tank" method and simply have a truckload of clerics rezzing everyone who died who would then loot up, and rush in to die again. With such a strategy, many people suffered numerous deaths losing large portions of their level even after all their rezzes.

The sleeper hit for maximum of 6999, quadded, and PROC'd a 20k Deathtouch. In addition he had a 20k Targetted death touch, refresh time unknown, no known range limit (he got people numerous times who were sitting down somewhere). He resisted all spell attempts except Manaburn, and Harmtouch. The fight was pure Range/Melee/Pets, and the Manaburn/Harmtouches when they recycled.

Afterwards, the GMs put out a systemwide message:

The three guilds were:
Ascending Dawn
Magus Imperialis Magicus

Corpse 2


Rumor: The only time anyone came close to killing the Sleeper was when "random popular to bash guild" on "sometimes correct, sometimes wrong" server used an exploit to kill him. (There are many different versions of this floating around various message boards).
Fact: Not true. Whether or not anyone has even put a dent in his health will only be known for sure by the people who did so, and any developer's who looked at the log. The guild websites I looked at for some of the guilds who woke him only showed him with full (or maybe 99% of his) health standing amongst a pile or two of corpses. The exploit referenced in this rumor refers not to the Sleeper, but to the third Warder.
The guild Conquest (not Fires of Heaven, Afterlife, Triton, or any other extremely powerful guild) was accused of using an exploit when fighting the third Warder. They were accused of having their raid under the bridge where the warder could not reach them while their main tank built aggro on the dragon without doing damage, so it couldn't start summoning. Only bits and pieces of this were ever released to the public so I'm giving only the confirmed "facts" as released by Sony.
Conquest claimed no such exploit was being used (but defended it by saying people do the same thing to Vox) and that their Main Tank had no way of building sufficient aggro. They lost the fight because their clerics built too much aggro and got summoned and roasted. The fight was not stopped, but they lost. Some time later, when GMs were present and discussing their exploit (read: scolding them) they "accidentally" spawned the Sleeper (for the first time anywhere) and he loaded with the wrong model (a giant human male, there were screenshots of this that were at first called fake by Sony, then later they admitted that the wrong model loaded, they apologized for their false accusation in a Press Release.)
The guild was disbanded and all it's members suspended and two memebers were banned as they had previously been warned from similar exploitation.
This fight did not directly involve the Sleeper at all, that just makes the rumors sound more intriguing, and it took place in Sleeper's Tomb in an attempt to wake the Sleeper.
Update: I have since been contacted by a former member of Conquest who has corrected me that they did wake the Sleeper through an exploit. I have not been able to confirm this claim as either true or false.

Rumor: The sleeper can't be killed.
Fact: Probably not. By this I don't mean it's impossible to kill him. There have been many strategies offered about doing massive damage quickly. Most of these strategies have obvious flaws. But does the Sleeper even actually take damage? Maybe not. Perhaps he's like the King in the old Ultima games, as soon as you hit him, he has full hit points again. This debate has gone on a long time, and there's no answer to it, and maybe there never will be. Only the developers know for sure. And they're not talking. Maybe they'll tell us someday, but in the meantime, just accept that we'll never know.

Rumor: The Sleeper doesn't take any damage.
Fact: Absolutely false. In the picture below, Kerafyrm is fighting Lord Yelinak with. Kerafyrm is targetted (the picture was takne by a FD'd monk) and it can be clearly seen that his health is dented, although not much. The interface makes it difficult to tell the percent, but it appears to be something around 95% health (I'm sure people will argue that it looks full to them). A detailed analysis shows that his health bar is at two pixels lost health.
Kerafyrm vs. Lord Yelinak

Rumor: But someone told me GM's death touched him repeatedly and it didn't even dent his health.
Fact: I don't believe this for two reasons (that does NOT mean the rumor is false)
1) No proof. Other than second or third hand stories, nobody has screen shots or logs (even of the conversation with the GM, which would be too easy to fake). This doesn't necessarily mean that it is false, but it's hard to count it as true when there is no evidence.

2) Defies common sense. There is no reason that server GMs would spam DT on Kerafyrm. More likely, GMs would have done a "test" raid on Kerafyrm, but wouldn't have used any GM skills during the fight to test the encounter. As employees of SoE (or formerly Verant, not sure when the purchase happened) they wouldn't need to attack Kerafyrm to know his melee abilities, HP, or how much damage a 20k attack would do to him. In addition, there's always the "/kill" command available to GMs. (Quoted because I don't know the actual command name).

Rumor: The sleeper has 2 billion hit points.
Counter rumor: The sleeper couldn't have 2 billion hit points, because EQ can not support that large of a number.
Fact: OK, a signed long integer can be between -2^31 and 2^31-1. That is -2.14 billion to positive 2.14 billion. An unsigned integer can be between 0 and 4.28 billion. EQ can easily support 2 billion hit points.
"I know that, but does he have that many?" Maybe, but doubtful. The only people who will ever know are probably bound by an NDA.
Let's just pretend, for a moment, that the Sleeper does have 2-billion hit points. For a raid consistantly doing 1,000 damage per second, it would take them about 22 straight days to kill the sleeper. Does he have this many hit points? Maybe, if so, then you can bet it was because they never wanted him dead.

Rumor: The Sleeper is the child of Vox and Nagafen
Fact: False. The Sleeper is (according to Lore) the child of two different colored dragons, and therefore, had all the powers of both, he is not the child of Vox and Nagafen. There has never been anything mentioned about Kerafyrm being their child, and each have official histories that do not place them as the Sleeper's parents.
It has become unofficial lore that Vox and Nagafen were seperated and punished because they fell in love and it was feared they would mate and produce another sleeper. However, they're both still virgins (unless you count the countless rapings they've offered over the past 3+ years.)
Here is the Official history behind Nagafen as chronicled by Verant in EverQuest Atlas: The Maps of Myrist (page 293): "Cast out of the Ring of Scale for reasons that still remain unclear, the red dragon Lord Nagafen has resided for centuries in the fiery depths beneath the LavaStorm Mountains.
As Chronicled within the annals of the devout followers of Erollisi Marr known as The Maidens of the Rose, Nagafen, true to his dragon nature exacted a toll in maidens from the people of Qeynos, forcing them to transport one maiden a year across the continent and leave her in his cavern dwelling. This went on for many years, until a pious and beautiful maiden named Erollette - a novice in the temple of Erollisi Marr, the Goddess of Love - was selected. When Erollette sank to the ground before Nagafen, she uttered a final prayer to her goddess, asking only that her sacrifice be the last the maidens of Qeynos must endure.
Her bravery and selflessness touched the goddess, who took pity on her. As Nagafen prepared to dine, Erollisi used a golden thread to sew Nagafen's heart to his stomach, twisting his pangs of hunger into pangs of love for Erollette. Under the enchantment, he could not bear to eat her, or anything else - he was lovelorn after all. So he grew hungrier, but the more he starved the more his heart swelled in his chest and the bigger his body became, until he was so huge he could not leave the confines of his cave. He begged her to stay with him, but seeing the dragon was helpless, Erollette rejoiced and returned home to report the good news and dedicate her life to worship."
In the original Official EverQuest strategy guide (and the Kunark guide, p. 181), it was hinted that the ice giants were attempting to unite Lady Vox with Lord Nagafen (with the help of some greedy barbarians) but no mention of their past was made.

Rumor: When he's spawned, he travels to SkyShrine and kills Yelinak.
Fact: True. A few questions up I linked a picture of Kerafyrm fighting Lord Yelinak.

Rumor: When he's spawned, several other NPC's accross the world shout something unusual.
Fact: True. At least Vox and Nagafen spout some drivel about their freedom at last. Oddly enough... they still get beaten down by mid-level adventurers on a weekly basis.

Rumor: He can Death Touch the entire zone.
Fact: Don't be stupid. I have never seen any reliable source that even makes the claim that he Death Touches the entire zone. In addition to that, logic would not dictate that he should do this. Even if the encounter was designed to be lost, there would be no incentive to not at least make it fun.
Whereas Death Touching is feasible, it is usually reserved for Gods, which the Sleeper is not. He probably does have death touch. However, he would not "Death Touch like a machine gun." From talking to people who have woken the Sleeper, it appears that he does death touch and the timer is approximately 30-45 seconds.
However, it is reported that when he spawns he has zonewide aggro, meaning he will aggro anything in the zone when he spawns, and since deathtouch usually has an unlimited range, he would theoretically death touch people even if they were nowhere near him.

Rumor: He is a crystalline dragon, like Veeshan.
Fact: False. He is a Prismatic Dragon.

Rumor: After he spawns, the warders no longer spawn and it is impossible to get Primal Weapons.
Fact: False and True. True that the warders no longer spawn, but it is still possible to get Primal weapons, albeit much more difficult. With the revamp of the zone, Prismatic weapons (instead of Primal) now drop which are identical in power to Primal.

Rumor: You're full of poop, Rozzl. You don't have a clue what you're talking about.
Fact: Do some research... and read the first paragraph. Everything here is what I have been able to find and verify (or verify as unverifiable) or have stated the reasoning behind the "facts".

Rumor: There is some long quest involving ________ (The floating Sword in Vex Thal, The Sword of Truth from Lord Inquisitor Seru, The Truthbringer, Veeshan, you pick.) That gives you a weapon that will kill the Sleeper.
Fact: I don't even want to dignify that rumor by answering it. But no, there is no evidence to point to any of these wild and unbased speculations, but they are an amusing read.

Kerafyrm's creation and war on the dragons

[Sun Sep 29 22:48:04 2002] You say, 'Hail, Jortreva the Crusader'
[Sun Sep 29 22:48:05 2002] Jortreva the Crusader lifts her wings in a graceful motion as she lowers her chin to eye Ironhand in greetings, ''I am Jortreva, Crusader of Veeshan. I am the ear to the whispers upon the shadows and the eyes to witness the tainted footsteps of our enemies that corrupt our path. Your kind, the second generation of the lesser gods' creation, have brought us into being as we are now -- for that, we hold neither gratitude nor contempt. It is your actions that have sent us spiraling through an umbra of immeasurable danger that could secure the destruction of all upon this world, but it shall be through the undying efforts of the [champions] that we may have some chance to ward this darkness back into the oblivion it strives to create.''
[Sun Sep 29 22:48:25 2002] You say, 'What are champions?'
[Sun Sep 29 22:48:25 2002] Jortreva the Crusader says ''We are four elemental dragons bred to be champions among our people -- within this world. We do not seek recognition or praise from either world -- yours or that of Veeshan's brood -- but we seek to protect and maintain the balance that keeps our worlds separate, yet unified upon the same plane of existence. When Kerafyrm was first placed into stasis by our predecessors, the elemental warders, the [council] ordered the arranged breeding of what would be the warders' replacements when the time came for their stations to ascend. However, the unpredicted actions of the second generation have thrown us into a new role -- the role of Crusaders.'''
[Sun Sep 29 22:48:39 2002] You say, 'What council?'
[Sun Sep 29 22:48:39 2002] Jortreva the Crusader says ''When dragon kind was accompanied upon this world by the lesser god's intrusion, the council of elders was formed. Immediately our ancestors realized the need for our kind to be of sound unification if we were to prevail and remain the superior beings upon what is rightfully our world. As we watched the eras pass through both the second generation and our own cultures, the members of the council changed. Eventually, one known as Kildrukaun would be appointed Arch Priest of Veeshan through divine rite and ceremony -- a sacred part of our institution that I shall not divulge to one as yourself. His first decree would be to condemn the unification of souls between dragons whose elemental influences were of opposition. It was of his belief, and thus the belief of the council, that such a union was against Veeshan's will and would have dire consequences upon the entire dragon nation. Time would pass again before [fate] would descend upon Kildrukaun's decree.'''
[Sun Sep 29 22:48:47 2002] You say, 'What fate?'
[Sun Sep 29 22:48:47 2002] Jortreva the Crusader says ''Two dragons of opposite elemental powers confronted the council with their desire to mate. Kildrukaun immediately dismissed any blessing and ordered the dragons from ever fulfilling their desires. These two were young still and very headstrong, regarding the council and its rules to be outdated when considering the growing influence and power of the second generation. They fled to unknown corners of Norrath and there, they bound their souls in a sacred union that would forge the first prismatic dragon. When knowledge of this event came to the council, Kildrukaun, a being of great wisdom and calm heart for regard of his own people looked upon the prismatic's creation as that of Veeshan's will, for conceivably unto him, only Veeshan herself could defy her great priest's rule. The council was in agreement and the hatchling, who would be named Kerafyrm, the Prophetic Savior, was allowed to continue existence under close watch that would be [governed by Kildrukaun himself].'''
[Sun Sep 29 22:48:53 2002] You say, 'How was it governed by Kildrukaun himself?'
[Sun Sep 29 22:48:53 2002] Jortreva the Crusader says ''Although Kildrukaun was inspired and intrigued by Kerafyrm's existence, he was wary still for he had yet to be witness to the true intent of Veeshan's will. In this time, the dragon nation had split and were in opposing power -- the Ring of Scale whom fled their native Velious for Kunark, and the Claws of Veeshan, the original order and council of dragon kind. It was known that Kildrukaun was furious with the recent division and he strongly believed that it was Veeshan's will for the dragon nations to reunite once again, lest they become as weak and pitiful as the second generation. He viewed Kerafyrm to be the road that would guide the dragons to unification, although it was a unification that would be borne of an unknown purpose that Kerafyrm served. Kildrukaun never interacted with the young prismatic dragon, but served as the dictator behind his mentors. Eventually, Kerafyrm would rise to a power unseen within any dragon of his still fledgling age and Kildrukaun's [prophecy] would be born.''
[Sun Sep 29 22:48:59 2002] You say, 'What Prophecy?'
[Sun Sep 29 22:48:59 2002] Jortreva the Crusader says ''Kildrukaun was of the mind that Kerafyrm was meant to lead the dragon nation in a civil war -- the Claws of Veeshan invading the great mountain fortress known as Veeshan's Peak that the Ring of Scale had established. He was certain that his campaign would unify the dragons and this was nothing less than the will of Veeshan herself. The council dismissed Kildrukaun's prophecy, exclaiming that although they must find a way to bring the Ring of Scale back under the wing of the elder council, they could not wage a war and abandon the threat of Kael Drakkal. Kildrukaun was furious, although he did not confront the council directly. Over the passing centuries, he would sway three of the [council elders] to his side and would personally oversee Kerafyrm's final stages of growth. Eventually the time would come when the council would [recognize their mistake] in allowing Kerafyrm to exist and their order for his termination would be the greatest impact in their destiny.''
[Sun Sep 29 22:49:13 2002] You say, 'What council elders?'
[Sun Sep 29 22:49:13 2002] Jortreva the Crusader says ''When dragon kind was accompanied upon this world by the lesser god's intrusion, the council of elders was formed. Immediately our ancestors realized the need for our kind to be of sound unification if we were to prevail and remain the superior beings upon what is rightfully our world. As we watched the eras pass through both the second generation and our own cultures, the members of the council changed. Eventually, one known as Kildrukaun would be appointed Arch Priest of Veeshan through divine rite and ceremony -- a sacred part of our institution that I shall not divulge to one as yourself. His first decree would be to condemn the unification of souls between dragons whose elemental influences were of opposition. It was of his belief, and thus the belief of the council, that such a union was against Veeshan's will and would have dire consequences upon the entire dragon nation. Time would pass again before [fate] would descend upon Kildrukaun's decree.'''
[Sun Sep 29 22:49:48 2002] You say, 'How would the recognize their mistake?'
[Sun Sep 29 22:49:48 2002] Jortreva the Crusader says ''Kerafyrm quickly ascended the ranks within the Claws of Veeshan and eventually became our most powerful general. He led several successful campaigns against the rising threat of the giants of Kael and his influence grew among the elders of the council. However, something dark grew within him -- his bite became venomous and his talon ruthless in its command over his troops and allies. Eventually, his dominion and influence was nothing short of a monstrous creature of pure malignant hatred and an unrivaled lust for destruction and chaos that the council had no other choice but to demand his destruction -- a rule that Kildrukaun was present to hear and deceitfully condone. Shortly thereafter, Kildrukaun and four council elders whom the arch priest had managed to sway with his charismatic diplomacy and sound argument of his prophecy flew to Kerafyrm's side, where the four of them made preparations for the inevitable [war] to come.'''
[Sun Sep 29 22:50:41 2002] You say, 'What war?'
[Sun Sep 29 22:50:42 2002] Jortreva the Crusader says ''Although short lived, the war between Kerafyrm's legions and those of the Claws of Veeshan would be a near crippling blow to the survival of the elder dragon council upon Velious. Kerafyrm's legions were severely outnumbered by those of the elder council, but time and time again they displayed their awesome strength and power. Eventually, Kerafyrm was restrained and taken to what would be his place of indefinite slumber. The four traitorous elders fled Velious safely to unknown locations, where they would lay in wait until the time came that Kerafyrm would be released. After centuries of hiding, the Ancients have returned and they now have a near unbreakable hold upon the former tomb of their master, where again they lay in wait -- anticipating the arrival of their master and the time to execute the undoubtedly phenomenal plan that will [bring about the extinction of all great existence] upon Norrath if they are successful.'''
[Sun Sep 29 22:54:02 2002] You say, 'why will they bring about the extinction of all great existence?'
[Sun Sep 29 22:54:02 2002] Jortreva the Crusader says ''Kildrukaun has always despised the second generation and has long sought your total demise. Kerafyrm undoubtedly seeks vengeance for the actions of the Claws of Veeshan against him and together, the arch priest and Kerafyrm will seek to reconstruct this world in their own mind's image of what it should be -- a world that belongs solely to Veeshan's children, reborn in Kildrukaun's ideals, and subservient to Kerafyrm. They are truly mad with hate and an untamable lust for destruction -- one that [we must extinguish] forever.'''